Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life
~~ Pablo Picasso

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fall Fun Fabbies for Finishes

Number 1    Whimsical Halloween fabbie--Candy Corn
100% cotton

Available now is quantity of 2 

price per quarter yard is 2.00
1.00 shipping, if combined with other orders, 50 cents a quarter yard

Number 2~~Back by popular demand, Blue and cream Primitive Ribbon
100% cotton

Available quantity now is 10 yards

price per yard is 1.00
shipping is 1.00 per yard, 50 cents for each additional
Paypal only
no international please

Number 3~~~  Dark Brown background with tiny white hearts and stars

100% cotton

Available quantity is 2

1/4 yard is 2.00
mailing costs 1.00 per quarter yard, 50 cents each thereafter

Number 4~~Pumpkin Cotton Homespun

100% cotton fabric
Quantity available now is 2

Price is per quarter yard at 2.00
mailing costs 1.00 per yard for first and then .50 cents if combined with other orders or multiples

Number 5~~~ Apple Fall Fabric
Dark brown background

100% homespun cotton

Available quantity is 2

Price per quarter yard is 2.00
mailing costs--1.00 for first quarter yard, and 50 cents to additional pieces or if combined with multiple orders

Number 6 Very Dark Red Homespun solid fabric

100% cotton

Quantity available 2

Price per quarter yard is 2.00
mailing costs 1.00 per quarter yard then 50 cents each thereafter if additional yards
Paypal only

Halloween Primitive Ribbon

Primitive Halloween 100% cotton ribbon

available now-- 10 yards

1.00 per yard
1.00 per yard shipping, , only  .50 cents per yard  thereafter for multiple yards

If buying in multiples will cut once for total so you can best decide on lengths for your projects.

Paypal only
no international please

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Beach ribbon

Beach ribbon perfect to use for hanging small beach pillowkeeps, gracing samplers, etc.
1.5 inch wide

available now is 3 feet

1.00 per foot
1.00 shipping or if combined with other orders .50cents per foot

New scissors--pink

I own a pair of these and they are very sharp and lovely to stitch with.
I like them as I'm partial to anything pink or with Breast Cancer Awareness.
I have 2 pairs of these available right now.
They are 3.75 in.
Great as a gift for a friend, early Christmas shopping for a stitching friend, etc.
10.00 each
number available is 2  one left
shipping 2.00
if combined with another order shipping is half cost

LHN- pattern only--Peace

This is  Little House Needleworks
From the Scripture Series Thread Packs
Proverbs 14:30
This is the pattern only/ no threads
no marks on pattern
never used
I used the floss from the pack only

$ 4.00
$ 1.00 mailing cost

Paypal only
US only

Ceramic bracelet-red and white

Bracelet designed by me with red and white ceramic beads.
Silver tone only
1 available

free shipping
Paypal only
US only

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ribbons and Trimmings for your needlework

Here are some trimmings for your choosing if you need to finish up that perfect needlework!
More will be added later so stay tuned.
Also will be putting fat quarters for sale as well.

number 1 is above vintage darker pink ribbon  1 inch
Available now is 3 feet

Vintage pink velvet trim number 2 above  5/8 inch

available now is 3 feet

Number 3 small dainty pink daisy trim
available is  3 feet

Number 4/ 7/8 inch, cotton ecru trimming

available is 3 feet

Number 5  small, yellow and white daisy trim

available 3 feet

Number 6  vintage green velvet trim

available 3 feet  sold

Number 7 very dainty white tiny heart trim ribbon

available  3 feet

Price is 2.00 per foot
mailing costs 1.00 for any or all

Early bird again gets the ribbons
if you are interested
Paypal only
No international

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Charts and charms--Southwest Charm

Charts and Charms Designs
Southwest Charm

This one would be ideal for the Midwest/ Indian decor. New. The charms are pretty and 2 of them have turquoise stones.

Price  5.00
shipping  2.00

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Large candle warmers--very prim

I love mine in black!

Large Prim Felt Candle warmers/jackets--only available color is Cream with rusty red

These make a large candle fit a cozy Primitive/cottegy atmosphere

If you like candles, you'll love these!

Quantity 4  3  1

Price 5.00 each

shipping costs    2.00  shipping is still 2.00 if multiples are needed.

Paypal only

no international please

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Welcome to my shop!  This blog is created to offer items to you for sale!

My love is stitching and making my house a home. I will offer to you from time to time items which may complement your stitching or nesting passions!

I accept Paypal only. It's a very simple way of assuring you the best quality service and safe secure method of payment.

For more about me, my stitching, family and home passions, please check out my other blog at
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I look forward to assisting you with stitching or nesting needs!

Check back from time to time and visit with me. I may have just what you are looking for to add to your stash or your home.

With a thankful heart,
Jennifer Dalenberg