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~~ Pablo Picasso

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ribbons and Trimmings for your needlework

Here are some trimmings for your choosing if you need to finish up that perfect needlework!
More will be added later so stay tuned.
Also will be putting fat quarters for sale as well.

number 1 is above vintage darker pink ribbon  1 inch
Available now is 3 feet

Vintage pink velvet trim number 2 above  5/8 inch

available now is 3 feet

Number 3 small dainty pink daisy trim
available is  3 feet

Number 4/ 7/8 inch, cotton ecru trimming

available is 3 feet

Number 5  small, yellow and white daisy trim

available 3 feet

Number 6  vintage green velvet trim

available 3 feet  sold

Number 7 very dainty white tiny heart trim ribbon

available  3 feet

Price is 2.00 per foot
mailing costs 1.00 for any or all

Early bird again gets the ribbons
if you are interested
Paypal only
No international

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  1. im hoping that I am doin this right but I am wanting the daisy trim


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